The Sinwich

The Sinwich, as an idea, started back in 2011-ish.  Although it wasn’t The Sinwich…yet.  Like most people, I go through life changes.  You get older, you get bored, and you want something more out of life than punching a timeclock for someone else.

The Sinwich as a product was inspired by a party treat my mom made my whole life.  It was meant to be more of a hors d’oeuvre than an entrée. But as a kid, I wanted more so I would grab a hamburger bun and make a sandwich.  Later in life, I would make this stuff up and take it to work with me and share it with my co-workers.  They loved it and actually would pay me to make them some!  So as food trucks started growing in popularity and the great feedback I was getting from people it hit me, why not start selling this?

So here we are, we have a product, an idea for a food trailer but we need a name…  In short, the name is simple.  In my opinion what we have is quite simply a SINfully delicious sandWICH, thus The Sinwich.  It’s 2019 and this is when we officially start becoming SINNERS!

We are based in Dublin/Columbus and Cincinnati, we look forward to serving you and spreading the SIN around.


Thank you,

Andy Parker

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